Suggested videos for students interested in Materials Science and Engineering

Here is a collection of videos that are related to materials science and engineering. I show one or two videos during the class.
Suggested videos for students interested in Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Ozgur Keles, San Jose State University

Chapter 1, Interesting materials, what is materials science and engineering

Smart materials (1 of 5): Gecko Adhesive fit for Spiderman, cplai,

Smart materials (2 of 5): Battle Jacket, Self-healing protective coating, cplai,

Smart materials (3 of 5): shape shifting material, drug delivering nano particles, cplai,

Smart Materials (4 of 5): Magneto Rheological (MR) Fluid, cplai,

Smart materials (5 of 5): Invisibility Cloak, cplai,

Bio-Inspiration: Nature as Muse, QUEST,

Lesson 3- Materials Engineering and Science Concepts, Tyler Ley,

What is Materials Engineering?, Eng View,

Materials Engineer – Profiles of Scientists and Engineers, National Science Foundation,

Career Girls: Materials Engineer “What I Do”, careergirls,

Materials Engineers Careers Overview, citytowninfo,

0.3 – Welcome to ENG1001 – What is Materials Engineering?, ENG1001atMonash,

What is Materials Science and Engineering?, ISUengineering,

Boeing: Lightest. Metal. Ever., Boeing,

10 New Materials That Will Change Engineering, Wonderful Engineering,

Chapter 2, Atom, bonding, quantum mechanics, etc.

If you need a refresher for basic chemistry, Bozeman Science has a nice collection of videos. The first 28 videos are important in the context of MatE 115. However, if you have time, I suggest you watch all the videos in the basic chemistry series. Practice results in learning.

Bozeman Science, AP Chemistry Video Essentials,

Basic Atomic Structure: A Look Inside the Atom, Tyler DeWitt,

Electron Configuration, Bozeman Science,

Quantum Mechanical Model, Bozeman Science,

Atomic Bonding {Texas A&M: Intro to Materials}, Patrick Shamberger,

Dr. Sadoway is one of my favorite professors. I watched the whole class long time ago. If you have time, please watch all of the lectures. If not, just focus on the sections that you need a refresher.
Prof. Donald Sadoway, Introduction to Solid State Chemistry,

HyperPhysics is one of best resources for learning physics
“HyperPhysics is an exploration environment for concepts in physics which employs concept maps and other linking strategies to facilitate smooth navigation.”

A nice introduction to quantum mechanics and the structure of an atom:
TheAsianRepublican, Quantum Mechanics Part 1 of 4 – An Introduction to Modern Physics,

TheAsianRepublican, Quantum Mechanics Part 2 of 4 – The Modern Atomic Structure, Matter and Existence,

TheAsianRepublican, Quantum Mechanics Part 3 of 4 – The Electron Shells,

TheAsianRepublican, Quantum Mechanics Part 4 of 4 – Electron Spin and Entanglement and Wave Function Collapse,

Chapter 3, Atomic and Ionic Arrangements

moodlemech, Properties and Grain Structure,

Infotainment, Top 25 Amazing Electron Microscope Images,

Murry Gans, How a Scanning Electron Microscope Works.wmv,

KQED, The World’s Most Powerful Microscope – KQED QUEST,

neetu1978, Principle behind the working of Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM),

Philip Moriarty, Professor of Physics; he is a really good teacher, please try to watch all of his videos.
Moriarty2112, How does a scanning tunnelling microscope image and move atoms?,

X-ray Inspection and Industrial Computed Tomography, MaterialsScience2000,

Phase changes

Duke Engineering , Visualizing Atoms During Phase Transition,

Salar Niknafsa, Massive-type phase transformation of steels,

bhadeshia123, Displacements due to bainite transformation,

Exposure Labs, “CHASING ICE” captures largest glacier calving ever filmed – OFFICIAL VIDEO,
Plastic deformation

Materials Concepts , Muddiest Points: Dislocations and Plastic Deformation of Metals,

Jeff Quitney, Cold Working & Heat Treatment of Aluminum (Aluminium) 1945 US Office of Education,

Mechanical tests
You should watch all the 14 videos by MaterialsScience2000,
Tensile Test, MaterialsScience2000,
Compression testing of concrete, Dan Samborsky,
Fatigue Test, MaterialsScience2000,
Charpy impact test, MaterialsScience2000,
Rockwell hardness test, MaterialsScience2000,
Brinell hardness test, MaterialsScience2000,
Vickers hardness test, MaterialsScience2000,
#1 Engineering: Materials Torsion test, Cee Bee Cee Bee,
How AFM Works 8-3 NanoIndentation, Park AFM Park AFM,

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