New poster at GRC Ceramics Conference 2018

Synthesis and characterization of graphene quantum dot containing ceria-zirconiaÖzgür Keleş, Andrew C. Dina, Daniel Fok Abstract: Zirconia-based nanoparticles are used in various applications, such as catalyst, filter, oxygen storage, and sensor. Among many synthesis methods to produce zirconia-based nanoparticles, aqueous sodium borohydride (NaBH4) coprecipitation produces zirconia containing nano-pores. In this work, we extended the NaBH4 coprecipitation […]

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I will be presenting at NASA Thermal Protection System (TPS) and Materials

Title: Mechanical reliability of fused deposition modeled materials Date: Monday, July 30Time: 2:00pmLocation: NASA Ames N229/R215 Abstract: Additive manufacturing (AM) is increasingly used for space, defense, transportation, and consumer product applications. Among various AM techniques, fused deposition modeling (FDM) is most common one that can produce polymer, composite, metal, and ceramic materials. However, FDMed materials […]

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