Presentation: Impact of materials science on society

We had an interesting science talk starting with ancient materials like hammered copper and went to the structure of DNA. Also, birth control in old times and the evolution of condom materials got some attention. Thanks everyone for coming.    Posted 29th January 2013 by Ozgur Keles

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Mentoring the world

The ultimate degree that makes one`s future look the brightest: PhD. Yes, under a lower unemployment rate, those doing their PhDs always publish papers, sometimes write a book, but rarely become famous, and never… Is there anything you imagine that Ph.D.s never do? Not really. So, they also do regular stuff and have their own […]

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Public presentation about materials science at Greyhouse on 01/29/13.

I will give a presentation about materials science in general and its effect on our society. Topics will range from metals and polymers to biological cells and wood. We will meet on 01/29/13 at 8:00PM in Greyhouse, Northwestern and State, West Lafayette, IN. Anyone can join our “Science for everyone” talk group. Posted 22nd January 2013 […]

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