New Department of Energy (DOE) grant on Scalable Ceramic ALignment for Electro-active Structures (SCALES)

I will be collaborating with Palo Alto Research Center (formerly Xerox PARC) on a Department of Energy (DOE) grant shooting for enhanced properties in lead-free piezoelectric materials.  We will apply high-throughput (HT) processing and characterization techniques on piezoceramics. This unique HT data will enable materials informatics approaches to guide our experiments towards higher performance systems.  Figure.  […]

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I will give a 3D printing workshop, 9/11 at 6 pm

I will give a 3D printing workshop on 9/11 at 6 pm that is organized by Dr. Yanika Schneider and Society of Plastics Engineers – Golden Gate Section. I will go over some of the fundamentals, talk about the state-of-the-art techniques, and the dark side(s) of the 3D printing. Register at: Posted 3rd September 2020 by Ozgur Keles

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