I received the Kordestani Endowed Chair Position, Manufacturing Silicon Valley: A combined additive manufacturing and engineering education research

My vision for the Silicon Valley goes beyond education, companies, public, and environment, that goes to a collective, sustainable, self-learning ecosystem. Towards this vision, College of Engineering faculty and other decision makers decided to give me the Kordestani Endowed Chair Position for the third time and for a longer period.  Many thanks to Omid Kordestani for the donation and enabling me and other colleagues to perform cutting edge research and facilitate next generation learning. Also thanks to NSF MRI award (#1920363), NSF reviewers, and officers, which provided the key funding to acquire our metal additive manufacturing system.

In 2008, Omid Kordestani (’84, electrical engineering), the senior vice president of global sales and business at Google donated $3M to the College of Engineering to establish the Kordestani Endowed Chair, to support faculty teaching in multidisciplinary programs.

SJSU students and the main campus, photo by Ozgur Keles, 2021.


Posted 29th December 2021 by Ozgur Keles

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