APL publication: Temperature dependence of field-response mechanisms in 0.4Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3–0.6(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3

Authors: Chris M Fancher, Özgür Keleṣ, Matthias Ehmke, Keith J Bowman
Publication date: 2021/7/12
Journal: Applied Physics Letters
Volume: 119
Issue: 2
Pages: 022904
Understanding the temperature dependence of how ferroelectric materials respond to electric fields is critical for determining how best to use these materials in applications. Here, temperature dependent in situ x-ray diffraction is used to study how field-response mechanism Ba ( Zr 0.2 Ti 0.8 ) O 3– x ( Ba 0.7 Ca 0.3 ) TiO 3 evolves with temperature. Increasing the measurement temperature was found to slightly reduce the extent of domain reversal and the magnitude of the 111 lattice strain. Instead, these results indicate that temperature predominantly impacted the angular dependence of the 002/200 lattice strain. We attribute the observed differences in 002/200 lattice strain to the flattening of the free-energy near the tetragonal-orthorhombic phase boundary, where the flattening of the energy landscape promotes a polarization rotation response during the application of electric fields at room temperature.
FIG. 1. Schematic representation of the experimental setup used to measure electric field dependent diffraction data at elevated temperature. Detector annotations indicate the regions of the detector used to determine angular dependent response phenomena.
Posted 20th July 2021 by Ozgur Keles
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