Self-learning module: Weibull Fit to Computer Generated Fracture Data

One of my self-learning modules, Weibull Fit to Computer Generated Fracture Data, was recently published as a part of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. Fracture data can be generated in the module and fitted by the two-parameter Weibull distribution function. Method of moment estimators of Weibull modulus and characteristic strength; and P-values (based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Anderson-Darling goodness of fit tests) are also provided.

I believe-as we all should-that technology can be used to improve traditional education. In this context, Wolfram computable document format (CDF) comes forward as an interactive learning platform. More about engineering education can be found here.  

Posted 1st December 2012 by Ozgur Keles


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