Presentation at PARC Xerox

I will be presenting our work on:

Mechanics of additively manufactured hierarchical materials

Abstract: Additive manufacturing (AM) is increasingly used for biomedical, automotive, space, defense, transportation, and consumer product applications. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is most common AM technique that can produce polymer, composite, metal, and ceramic materials. Extrusion-based FDM allows structure control at macro- and meso-scale. However, exploration of hierarchical structure processing via FDM has been limited. Our recent work showed that intentional vibrations can be used to achieve meso-scale structure control beyond the current approaches. This vibration-assisted FDM (VA-FDM) technique enhanced strength, toughness, and reliability of composites. We also reported strengthening and toughening due to nano-scale structure modification by graphene quantum dots in epoxy. In this talk, I will discuss (1) various additive manufacturing techniques for hierarchical structure control, (2) the origins of the mechanical behavior in hierarchical composites and quantum dot containing systems, and (3) machine learning approaches for processing-structure and structure-property predictions. 
June 5, 3 pm, PARC, Palo Alto, California.

Posted 2nd June 2019 by Ozgur Keles

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