New Publication in Scientific Reports “Stochastic fracture of additively manufactured porous composites”

Ozgur Keles, Eric Anderson, Jimmy Huynh, Jeff Gelb, Jouni Freund, and Alp Karakoc, “Stochastic fracture of additively manufactured porous composites,” Scientific Reports, (2018). Online access: 

Figure. X-ray computed tomography images of a) infill=100 % composite showing inter-bead porosity as red shaded areas, b) beads with inter- and inner-bead porosity, c) carbon fibers and pores at the fiber ends and around fibers, d) as-received filament, e) extruded filament with fiber and pore distribution, and f) extruded filament that was deposited on the hot bed. ABS is shown in shades of gray in a) to f). Black represents pores in c) and d). Dark green represents pores and dark red represents carbon fibers in e) and f). The porosities (vol. %) are d) 5 , e) 20 , and f) 22. The carbon fiber content (vol. %) are d) 7, e) 6, and f) 10. Scale bars represent 500 µm for d1 and 100 µm for d2. Isotropic voxels of linear dimensions are 4.4 µm for a) and b), 0.9 µm for c), 1.0 µm for d) and f), and 0.83 µm for e).

Posted 9th October 2018 by Ozgur Keles

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