I will be teaching the “Design for Innovation” class.

This semester, Spring 2015, I will be teaching one of the best classes that a sophomore can take “Design for Innovation, MMAE 232,” prepared by Prof. Matthew Spenko. During the fall semester, I graded the students projects and was a guest lecturer for the same class. Design for Innovation includes a lot of concepts that are practiced through three projects: sustainable chair, trebuchet, and biomimetic robot projects. The topics that we will go over are: CAD using Autodesk Inventor, sketching, technical writing, design process, sustainable design, lifecycle design, lightweighting, actuators, biomimetic design, linkages, motion simulation in the Inventor, biomaterials, engineering ethics, graduate school, and safety. Students use MatLab, Autodesk Inventor, laser cutter, learn Arduino and stress analysis. Here are some of the pictures from the Fall 2014 semester:

Students working on the biomimetic robot project.

Posted 19th December 2014 by Ozgur Keles

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