It has been a pleasure to work with both of my co-advisors. Dr. Keith J. Bowman’s guidance through research, teaching, and personal development has been invaluable; I thank him for giving me the opportunity to pursue my Ph.D. at Purdue University. In addition, Dr. R. Edwin Garcia’s advice in research has established my theoretical approach to scientific problems.

I am grateful for Dr. Eric P. Kvam’s classes and our numerous discussions, which helped me to gain new perspectives on materials science. The support and criticisms of Dr. John E. Blendell, Dr. Thomas Key, Dr. David Ely, Ding-Wen (Tony) Chung, Matthias Ehmke, and Dr. Christopher Fancher improved my scholarship.
My life in the U.S. has been enriched and supported by H. Onan Demirel, Dr. Akiner Tuzuner, Dr. Murat Manguoglu, Dr. Irem Zeynep Yildirim, Dr. Suleyman Cetintas, Serkan Sayılır, Fatih Koca, Ahmet Bugdayci, Kerem Y. Camsarı, Dr. Enver Alagoz, Gokce Gulsoy, Dr. Dinc Erdeniz, Dr. Bora Islier, Tugce Kasikci, Jessica Mehr, and Claire J. Fletcher. I would especially like to thank Dr. Mert Efe; without him my journey to Purdue University would not even have started.

Thank you to Nuri Keles and Edibe Keles, who have always been supportive of my education.

I would also like to thank the Center for Pharmaceutical Processing Research at Purdue University and the Airforce Research Laboratory for their financial support.

Finally, Münevver Keleş–my mother–has been by far the single biggest supporter in my life; it is impossible to thank her enough.
Posted 12th May 2013 by Ozgur Keles
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