Ozgur Keles, Ph.D.

Kordestani Chair
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering,
San Jose State University, CA

Bio: Dr. Keles is the Kordestani Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering at San Jose State University. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Middle East Technical University, and Ph.D. from the School of Materials Engineering at Purdue University. Following, he joined the Illinois Institute of Technology as a research associate, where he investigated reliability of ceramics and pharmaceutical materials. His current research interests are artificially intelligent automatic discovery of nanocomposites, multi-scale additive manufacturing, reliability, informatics, and virtual reality engineering education, funded through NSF CAREER, NSF MRIs, National Endowment for the Arts, and industrial partners. Keles is also a photographer and digital artist who uses aesthetically appealing images and computer visualizations to aid student learning and foster creativity in engineering students



Postdoctoral researcher

Prathamesh Deshpande, Ph.D. : Reactive molecular dynamics investigation of quantumdot thermosets: synthesis, structure, and mechanical characterization.

MS students

Timothy Tan : Size effects characterization of Ti64 beams and lattices using selective laser melting.
                         -Outstanding graduate student, Materials Engineering Program, SJSU.
                          -SJSU College of Graduate Studies, GRAD SLAM 2nd place winner.


Robert Chan-Jobe : Molecular dynamics investigation of toughening mechanisms in quantum dot nanocomposites.


Andres Duarte : Automatic discovery of quantum dot nanocomposites.


Tiffany Alcantara : Reliability of biomimetic additive manufactured thermoplastic composites.


Past Members: 

Skhandesh Srinivasan Ganesh Iyer : Mechanics of additively manufactured short-fiber-reinforced composites, 2022.


Suryanto Phienanda : Transfer learning for prediction of fracture strength in brittle composites, co-advised with Birsen Sirkeci-Mergen 2021      


Andrew Dina : Processing and characterization of Ceria-Zirconia containing graphene quantum dots, 2020. 


Yosune Casana : Additive manufacturing of textured aluminum oxide ceramics, 2020. 


Shreeya Mahadevaswamy and Mustafa Yavuz : Analysis of publications in material science using natural language processing, co-advised with Birsen Sirkeci Mergen, 2020.                               


Christopher Strawn and Yinchuan He : Identifying Strongest Porous Materials Using Machine Learning Models, co-advised with Birsen Sirkeci-Mergen 2020.   


Praneeth Varma Alluri : Improving the performance of machine learning for predicting fracture strength of porous ceramics and glasses, co-advised with Birsen Sirkeci-Mergen, 2019.                                          


Eric H. Anderson : The effect of porosity on mechanical properties of fused deposition manufactured polymers and composites , 2019. 

                                 -CoE Donald Beall Student Award for Engineering Accomplishment, 2019. 


Alex K. Cress : Effect of recycling on the strength and mechanical reliability of additively manufactured ABS, 2019. 


Cheng-Lun Wu : Effect of porosity and Bouligand structure on mechanical behavior of fused deposition modeled ABS, 2019. Ph.D student at  Arizona State University                                                                        

Stephanie Luke : Effect of fiber content and fiber orientation on fracture behavior of FDMed continuous-glass-fiber-reinforced nylon, 2019.     


David Soares : Mechanical behavior of hierarchical 3D printed continuous glass fiber reinforced nylon, 2019. 


Saishruthi Swaminathan and Tejash Shah : Machine Learning Models for Prediction Fracture Toughness of Porous Materials, co-advised with  Tejash Shah Sirkeci-Mergen, 2018.       


Ghazal Mowlavi : Effects of build orientation on the mechanical behavior of POLYJET printed acrylic-based polymers, 2018

–11 Senior Design Projects Supervised with 23 Undergraduate Students

2022, Gabriella Sandoval, Cameron Ojeda in collaboration with NASA. 2021, Iman Bayat

2021, Dana Morrar and Akram Al-Zughoul
2020, Anthony Cerezo and Toni Liang

2020, Andrian Tantiono and Szu Ning Tung
2020, Dishan Perera
2019, Crystal Pereira and Janaye Marshall
2018, Ruchi Gaur, Shreejit Padmanabhan, and Matthew Linzmeyer, Sponsored by Jabil Inc.

 2017, Barry Mulingtapang, Nicholas Tomas, and Jimmy Huynh, Sponsored by Jabil Inc. 

2017, Pamela Rochelle Ong, Kalkidan Zewdu, and Daniel Fok, Sponsored by Jabil Inc. 

2016, Skhandesh Srinivasan and Timothy Langston, Sponsored by Jabil Inc.

–26 Undergraduate Research Students Supervised

2022-24, Ismet Gurleroglu, Rafael Padilla
2021, Benjamin Ard, Nasheed Zarif
2020, Joseph Drapal, Jia Pelpa, Jinann Alzaghari
2019, Julian Degery, Andrew Dale Sy, Afrah Siddiqi, Vincent Brubaker-Gianakos

2018, Mina Tavakolzadeh (Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University), Ruth Sosa, Khao Bao, Nedah Basravi, Joe Lau

2017, Rachel Mixon, Jordan Helledy, Julio De Pereda, Lisette Romero, Jimmy Huynh 

2016, David Macias, Caleb Blevins, Daniel Fok
2015, Nicholas Barcenas, Daniel Sprys
–3 High School Students Supervised

2023, Ayan Bhatia

2018, Julia Hunt 

2017,Arvind Kumar